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Small classes with caring teachers and a safe environment for you to become the best you can be. We will help you get there!

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We have a stellar group of community leaders that serve Kauffman Leadership Academy's 501c3 Board of Directors. Get to know them here.

Kauffman Leadership Academy is now offering university model classes for home school support. Classes are offered for 2 through 12th grade. We hold classes from 9 am to 2 pm including core subjects and electives. Currently, we are engaged in distance learning but will be a private school with accreditation this fall. Call for more information at 817-966-7795.

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Open since August 2016 as Johnson County's first public charter school, this is an exciting project I have been working on for five years. I want to offer you small classes to develop trust with your teachers and a longer school day to allow your brain time to absorb everything you can possibly learn. I promise to provide a safe, bully-free campus and connections to our community.


Join us and see what Kauffman Leadership Academy can do for you!


Dr. Theresa Kauffman  has published a chapter in a research text describing her phenomenological methodology journey with her doctoral study.You can read her chapter at http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781473972858. She was also interviewed on BlogRadio by Dr. Kathleen Lynch. She talked about her doctorial research and the importance of trusting relationships for enhancing learning. To listen to the interview, please click here: 

Do Students Trust Their Teachers?

Dr. Theresa Kauffman, Ed.D.